60 day preparation plan for JEE main 2016

In a competitive examination, what and how one studies during the last mile of 60 days defines whether he/she can get a boost of at least 500 ranks in the final result.

We can say this for sure, as we have tested it first hand during our preparation for IITJEE. It was that final push which was primarily responsible for our getting selected with a good rank rather than not getting selected or getting selected with a low rank.

Using this experience and world renowned methodologies of learning, practice, revision and testing, we have come up with a first of a kind test series for JEE (main) 2016.

The foundations of this test series has been defined keeping in mind only the improvement in a particular student’s marks.

This test series contains all the 7 commandments of improvement, given below.

  • Prepare a time table to utilize your time judiciously

The experts at DoPrep have designed a time table which enables you to utilize your time judiciously and also prevents from burn out/mental fatigue which is important for keeping the motivation high for teh main examination.

  • Take tests to analyse your preparation level

There is a saying that “One must not go to war with untested weapon”.

Test your preparation level now!

  • Targeted practice for increasing scores

Do not just practice blindly. Any practice that you do from now on should result in an increase in your marks. DoPrep’s analysis provides you that smart list of topics as well as content based on your test analysis.

  • Revise the concepts which can fetch you more scoring opportunities 

An extensive exam analysis at DoPrep helps you to know which high percentage concepts, in terms of marks, you need to learn, revise and practice.

  • Take tests and compare yourself with your peers

This test series gives you an opportunity to compare where you stand amongst your peers. Not just once, but twice!

  • Develop your own test taking strategy

A complete analysis of your history helps us provide you your personalized test taking strategy so that you can achieve your true potential and beyond

  • Tweak your test taking behaviour for realizing your full potential

It has been observed in studies that taking mock tests in a similar main test environment, helps to overcome test anxiety and enables us to manage stress positively.

Get DoPrep’s expert suggestion and recommendation, based on your performance history, on how you can increase your scores by at least 35%, by making subtle changes in your behaviour during examinations.

So what are you waiting for? Get ahead with DoPrep JEE (main) and BITSAT 2016 test series.

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Take a free JEE test now to experience it! 


Take a free BITSAT test now to experience it! 

JEE main 2016 detailed improvement plan

JEE main 2016 detailed improvement plan

BITSAT 2016 detailed improvement plan
BITSAT 2016 detailed improvement plan
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