“Test”, Why is it important to assess yourself

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It is essential for us to know:

  • How are you performing?
  • What have you learned?
  • What kind of questions would enable you to improve your conceptual knowledge?
  • Can you apply recently learned concepts?
  • Can you focus on your strengths & how to improve it?

As an answer to these specific questions, we have created a controlled online and personalized environment where you can

  • Access thousands of personalized practice questions
  • Unlock, progress and achieve higher levels of performance in a topic
  • Track your dynamic, topic wise, improvement index moving from red to yellow to green zone
  • Strengthen your identified weak concepts by step wise improvement
  • Maintain your performance in strong areas by practicing challenging questions

Also, you get the opportunity to evaluate your progress again by taking another assessment which would highlight the need for improvement in certain areas. Following this method you can smartly but surely strengthen all the concepts before JEE (Mains) 2017 test. Assessment and personalized feedback results in your improvement.

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