BITSAT 2018 – Reading Comprehension

BITSAT Reading Comprehension

Questions based on essay/comprehension have formed a regular feature in BITSAT. Below is our take on how you can prepare and improve your scores in BITSAT 2018 Reading Comprehension type of problems.

  • Reading as much as possible can prove to be a useful exercise for solving jumbled paragraphs however, since it is not possible for engineering aspirants to read English a lot, newspapers are the best device for them and they should make reading newspapers a habit not only for their English but also for general knowledge.
  • Reading comprehension problems require patience and are time consuming, but are also easy once you understand them. In this section, candidates are given an essay to read, from which they are asked to answer questions. There can be two ways of approaching these type of questions:
    • The simplest way is to read through the questions before reading the essay. Then when you read the essay, you already know what you are looking for. As soon as an answer is found, go ahead and mark it or note it down, and take a look at the next question before proceeding to read further.
    • Another way is to scan through the essay very quickly, and then read the questions. This method also helps in locating the paragraphs more easily.
    • You can choose any one of the above by practicing these type of questions and finding out what you are comfortable with.
  • Though it might appear extremely time consuming, but reading the essay thoroughly at least once is necessary to make sure you don’t waste time reading it again searching for the answers. So be patient.
  • Reading newspaper regularly can improve anyone’s reading as well as grasping speed of any available text.
  • The answers should strictly belong to the given essay and you must not answer the questions from personal knowledge and assumed information.

BITSAT English – reading comprehension problems test your ability to read fast and comprehend.

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