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With BITSAT 2018 just a few weeks away, we are sure that you must be wondering why you should spend time taking online tests before the main BITSAT 2018 test.

Here are a few reasons which DoPrep has listed down, based on which the BITSAT 2018 tests have been designed for you.

  • To overcome the fear of the mode of examination
    • This helps, as your performance may get effected by anxiety of giving BITSAT 2018 in an online mode rather than a widespread pen and paper mode.
  • To become familiar with the testing platform
    • This helps in making you feel at ease and confident in answering BITSAT without wasting precious time in getting familiar with the platform.
  • To develop the habit of sitting in front of a desktop for 3 hours
    • This helps as it
      • brings discipline in your exam taking behavior.
      • increases your concentration via practice, thereby improving your scores and helping you realize your true potential.
  • To plan beforehand on how to take the BITSAT 2018
    • Online tests on DoPrep have been designed to provide you an in-depth analysis of your preparedness and performance indices w.r.t
      • Time management
      • Strong and Weak area analysis
      • Pan-India ranking
      • Personalized mentoring

There are a few things you should remember while taking an online test of 180 minutes at home:

  • Start the test only when you know that there will be no distraction in between as the timer will not stop
  • If you do not want to start the full tests due to distraction, get familiar with the platform by going to the Practice Area and getting access to 1000+ questions
  • Remember to keep a bottle of water, a notebook (for rough work) and pen/pencil by your side
  • Lastly and the most important close the door and put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on it :)

So what are you waiting for? Get ahead with BITSAT 2018 test series.

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