DoPrep – Helps educators set standards


Every student’s learning is incomplete without the help of the educators. The educators play an important part in student attaining his/her goal of cracking JEE.
DoPrep duly acknowledges this and has created an ecosystem whereby the educators can themselves grow and play a crucial part in improving their students’ performance with the help of smart technology.

For this, we identified the following questions that arises in the mind of every educator for every student

  • What performance demonstrates understanding?
  • What performance demonstrates knowledge?
  • What performance demonstrates mastery?

This technology and ecosystem helps the educators in determining the following as an answer to the above guiding questions

  • their students’ level of concept retention and application
  • their students’ level of performance
  • their students’ level of improvement

DoPrep gives the educators a personalized opportunity to do all the above on a pan India level thereby getting to know a comparative analysis with other students.

DoPrep also gives a unique opportunity to the educators to use the personalized reporting system for planning their future course of action.

We consider ourselves as an enabler for each educators’ student success and treat their information as highly confidential. We look forward towards working with you.

Drop in a mail at and we will contact you or feel free to call us anytime at the following numbers +91-8130350333/+91-8527433291

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