7 ways in which tests boost your JEE preparation!


We at DoPrep firmly believe that assessment is an integral part of success in competitive entrance tests like JEE (Mains) and JEE (Advanced), as it determines whether or not the goals of concept learning, retention and application are being met.

Assessment forces you to ask these hard questions to yourself:

  • “Are you really learning what you are supposed to be learning?”
  • “Are you performing as per your ability?”
  • “Is your performance getting affected by some detrimental test behaviours like stress, lack of planning, anxiety, etc.?”

Recognizing the benefits of assessment, we at DoPrep have designed a personalized learning environment just for you, to help you improve your performance in the highly competitive entrance exams. We put our heads together, looked at past students’ test data, examined it statistically and after many trials, we zeroed in on an assessment driven learning ecosystem. This is a completely on line platform, which enables us to:

  • Identify gaps in your learning
  • Design personalized learning content for you
  • Recognize the factors which affect your performance during tests
  • Suggest strategies to mitigate the effect of such factors
  • Quantify and track the improvement in your performance
  • Prepare you to reach the JEE standard
  • Motivate you to achieve success

So what are you waiting for? Get ahead with DoPrep JEE (main) and BITSAT 2016 test series.

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Take a free BITSAT test now to experience it! 

JEE main 2016 detailed improvement plan

JEE main 2016 detailed improvement plan

BITSAT 2016 detailed improvement plan

BITSAT 2016 detailed improvement plan

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