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How to solve

It has been noted over the years that most of the students who fail to clear a competitive entrance test like JEE, BITSAT etc. fail to understand the underlying thought process of “How to Solve” a particular question in the first place.

The most common practice followed by the students while solving a question is

  • Start answering the question immediately
  • Try to remember an exactly similar question that you had seen before
  • Try to remember the steps of the previously seen solution

But these practices lead you no where because there is no logic or structured approach towards it. And, this does not help in the long run and also involves a lot of luck! So in order to remove the falsehood of luck and bring in the assurance of certainty, we follow the DoPrep method

The DoPrep method of solving questions is strongly influenced by the works of the great Hungarian Mathematician George Pólya. 

We at DoPrep strongly believe that the approach towards solving a question is more important than knowing how to solve it. If the approach is correct, then it is a 99% probability that you will get to the answer of the question.

We have derived a 5 step process of solving a particular question which is easy to implement.This method increases your concept retaining and application skills which is very important for clearing any competitive examinations like JEE, BITSAT, etc.

  1. Understand the question
  2. Make a plan
  3. Carry out the plan
  4. Look back at it? How could it be better
  5. “If you can’t solve a problem, then there is an easier problem you can solve: find it.”

Understand the question

  • Understand the information/data that has been given in a question – input
  • Understand what you are asked to find out in the question – output

Make a plan

  • Find out the concept that links the output to the input
  • Remember :- There can be more than 1 concept which may be needed in order reach the output

Carry out the plan

  • Now that you know the concept link apply it
  • Remember to revise each previous step in order to reduce the possibility of calculation/silly mistakes
  • You should also develop the habit of foreseeing the next step. This will help you to know if you are proceeding in the right direction or not, which in turn will help you manage your time effectively during a test.

Look back at it? How could it be better

  • While practicing questions, always develop the habit of looking back at your solution
  • Analyze if there could have been a shorter/more effective link between the answer (output) and the information given (input)
  • If you have a solution at hand, always compare your plan with the plan implemented in the solution

“If you can’t solve a problem, then there is an easier problem you can solve: find it.”

  • You cannot solve it, not an issue :)
  • At DoPrep, we will automatically give you an easier question of the same chapter/concept to solve
  • This will go on till we find your level of preparedness in a particular chapter
  • Then, we will start building the blocks till you can solve the question which you were not able to solve in the first place.

Phew! that was long :)

Now that you know the mantra of solving every question, start practicing now.


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