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Why more studying doesn’t mean a better rank in JEE

It is a very interesting question, especially to someone who is almost studying 24/7. Most of the students now a days are being molded to only study and not to learn. Whether it is schools, private tuition or coaching, everywhere students are being told to just increase their hours of studying instead of understanding why they are not being able to learn.

Study these chapters, read from here, do these topics only, follow these help books; These are the general statements most of the students exchange during classes. But few actually try and oppose this thought process of only study and actually Learn from the study they do.

Now what is the actual difference ? What should I be doing ? Should I be learning or should I be studying?

To Study means to simply devote time to read, memorize facts/statements, attend classes so than one can learn a subject.

To Learn means to gain knowledge or skill by studying, thinking, practicing, and experiencing something to grow wise in the process.

Studying is one of the many steps of learning.

What should I be doing to Crack IIT-JEE ? 

For this to understand we need to dig into the History of IIT a little bit …,

IIT’s were started to nourish and build the future minds of India. Exams were designed to filter the best talent and give them the best opportunity to nourish and develop their skill set and build a better India. Achievers need to do things differently and it starts with learning.

Students are asked to solve new and unique problems each time during the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE).

This requires a lot of studying, there are a lot of facts, premise and assumptions that you need to know before hand and remember in order to actually think and apply them on the problems.

To solve these unique problems, one will have to apply everything studied along with all the Learning Experience (gained while preparing for IIT JEE).

What are the tools to measure studying and learning?

  1. Once you think you have studied and understood the concepts, assess yourself – take practice quizzes and tests.
  2. Start recording your performance data to know your strong & weak concepts.
  3. Study, understand & analyze this data.
  4. Make action plan required to improve your learning.
  5. Study again and re-assess compile the analysis, take the required steps, make improvements and iterate again.

We at DoPrep believe in the concept “ALS”

Assess – Assess yourself and your learning

Learn – Learn from the Assessment that you made

Succeed – Succeed in Scoring better by mastering concepts, using iterative learning process.

Study to Learn, Learn to Succeed rest falls in place

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JEE main 2016 detailed improvement plan

JEE main 2016 detailed improvement plan

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BITSAT 2016 detailed improvement plan
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