Trigonometry – Analysis of JEE (main) 2015 vs. Analysis of DoPrep


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We are pleased to share with you the actual topic-wise distribution of questions in JEE (main) 2015 vs. the predicted distribution shared by us here Mathematics – What to expect in JEE (main) 2015 – Trigonometry

Topic 1st Estimated JEE (main) 2015 2nd Estimated JEE (main) 2015 Actual JEE (main) 2015
Properties and Solution of Triangles 0.50 0 0
Trigonometric Equations 0.33 1 0
Trigonometric Ratios and Identities 0.50 0 1
Inverse Trigonometric Function 0.50 1 1
Heights and Distances 0.33 1 1

Overall, if we do an analysis, the total number of questions asked in JEE (main) 2015 from the topics in Trigonometry is 2, with 1 being asked in a question based on limits and applying the concept from Trigonometric Ratios and Identities, which is exactly the same number that we had predicted in our analysis. Also, the coverage of the the topics is exactly the same though they are distributed in multiple concept based question.

We sincerely hope that this analysis has been useful to you as we strive to keep up the good work.

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