Validation of HPQB test series for JEE main 2016

Validation of HPQB test series – JEE main 2016 analysis

As per our analysis of JEE main 2015 and predictive analysis of JEE main 2016 in HPQB series, this year’s JEE main did not come as a surprise for us!

Yes there were again references to previous year IITJEE and AIEEE papers.

For example, the following question in our HPQB series

The value of k such that (x – 4)/1 = (y – 2)/1 = (z – k)/2 lies in the plane 2x – 4y + z = 7, is

1) 7
2) -7
3) no real value
d) 4

was similar to the following JEE main 2016 offline paper mathematics question

If the line (x-3)/2 = (y+2)/(-1) = (z+4)/3 lies in the plane, lx+my-z = 9, then l^2+m^2 is equal to
1) 18
2) 5
3) 3
4) 26

Further our extensive analysis has validated our claim in HPQB, that previous year IITJEE questions and AIEEE questions form a basis for direct and indirect repetition.

This year there were 10 questions in Mathematics i.e. 40 marks which were picked from

1) IITJEE 2004 screening
2) IITJEE 2005 screening
3) IITJEE 1985
4) IITJEE 1982
5) IITJEE 1993
6) IITJEE 2003 screening
7) IITJEE 1995 screening
8) 2011 AIEEE
9) IITJEE 2007
10 IITJEE 1984

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