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Q1. How to revise for BITSAT with just 30 days in hand?

Ans: If you have started off with IIT JEE as your main focus your preparation should be sufficient to crack BITSAT as well. In addition to IIT-JEE syllabus BITSAT has 2-3 additional topics in Chemistry, English and Logical reasoning.

The entire syllabus is from NCERT for Maths, Physics and Chemistry. English is basically vocabulary and sentence correction, in addition there is a logical reasoning section as well.

First thing: Take a Mock test on any online platform

Get a report on your performance topic wise in maths, physics,chemistry,english and logical reasoning. Identify areas where you lack, eg.. In maths if you are able to get 70% questions correct; identify the topics where you could not score and list them. If the topic is new and you have not studied it, do not do anything. Starting to learn a new topic is not advisable in the last 30 days. Focus on improving the topics where you lost of your marks because of silly mistakes and get rid of them.

Secondly, the biggest challenge is that you will be answering 160 questions in 180 mins online so practice a lot of test series online to gain the speed edge over your competition.

Thirdly, if you are good in english as a subject in school (in 11th and 12th you scored more than 70%) you will be able to score in this section.

Fourthly, again practice logical reasoning questions on any online platform. On “DoPrep” you get practice areas giving you access to question bank for english and logical reasoning questions.

Q2. How to develop speed while answering the questions?

Ans: Practice a lot of online test series, practicing from books doesn’t help in an online test like BITSAT. Trust me, “I practiced from only books and went for the test in my first go, I wasn’t able to solve problems online in the given timespan”. While preparing for IITJEE we get used to solving questions offline. We need to optimize time being spent on each section. Analyse the time you are spending on each section, the number of questions in each section is different,for eg in Maths you cannot take 2 hrs, mark the questions as doubtful and come back to it in the end before submitting. Do not spend too much time on one question just because you think you know the concept. Use the booklet provided for rough work, continue solving a problem when you are re-visiting the question and finish it in the second round. Make sure you are not attempting an online test for the very first time during your BITSAT test, there is tremendous difference between an online and offline exam. One tends to make mistakes even if he knows the concept because of an unfamiliar test environment.

Q3. Should I prepare from JEE books or should I practice Arihant books for BITSAT?

Ans: BITSAT questions are not very tricky, they will not demand 10 -15 mins of critical thinking per question, provided you know the concepts really well and are you able to implement and solve a given problem.

If you have done your JEE preparation  you are already equipped at solving problems better. Arihant will only help you as a question bank but the level of difficulty of BITSAT is very similar to JEE difficulty level. In IITJEE the number of question is lesser and time is more so the question might get a bit tricky (critical thinking+knowledge of concept). IITJEE preparation gives one an advantage but even if you are good at a concept and you have practiced problem solving online BITSAT will be easy for you.

Give all India tests having exact BITSAT pattern to check where you stand and analyse your report. eg.. DoPrep report tells you which concepts are you weak and how much time did you take to solve a problem.

After practice on question banks online do make sure you take a number of full length test series online (atleast 3).

First test – you get familiarized with online platform

Second test – you are able to focus on solving problems

Third test – you are able to give a perfect attempt with correct time management and problem solving combo

Fourth test- increases your confidence and discipline of sitting and giving online test instead of scribbling on paper and this will improve your score from the previous tests.

Q3. I have very less chances of clearing IITJEE,my only chance is BITSAT?

Ans: Give online test mock test and analyse your report,also share your report with us if you wish our faculty to guide you. In case you are doing it at DoPrep we can help you with the analysis and guide you where you need to improve.

Q4. What should be the score that I need to get for admission into any of the 3 campuses?

Ans: The minimum score you should target is 280-290 to get into any one of the campus with a dual degree.

Q5. When should I attempt the extra 12 questions in BITSAT?

Ans: The first question should be why does BITSAT have 12 extra questions? If you are really good with concepts and speed you get competitive advantage over the others. BITSAT is designed in a manner that you are able to attempt 150 questions in 3 hrs and you still have some grace time left in hand after attempting all 150 questions. If you do have that time in hand in addition after attempting all 150 questions you can attempt 12 more questions and jack up your score.

These questions are easy and are again a combo of Maths,Phy,Chem, there are no English and Logical reasoning in this section. If you are giving a mock test or BITSAT answered all 150 questions and you have 30 mins in hand, and you are sure you will not be revisiting any of the questions again in any of the 4 section only then should you proceed on to the 12 questions. Once you take those 12 questions you will not be able to come back and correct your score.

When you are filling your preferences form for stream selection your score will matter a lot, eg.. if 3 people are tied at a score of 320 , the students with higher score in Maths will get higher preference than others and might get into CS. These 12 questions give you the golden opportunity to increase your score with +3 for every correct answer.

Q6. Are Maths questions difficult?

Ans: No they are not difficult but the key is to practice online to improve your concepts and time management. eg.. if the base score is 280 to crack BITSAT, you need to answer 100 questions correctly to get +3 on each answer and attempt only 20 questions incorrectly, assuming you will be marking remaining 30 questions as won’t answer or will revisit.

Q7. Most of the questions in physics will be formula based?

Ans: Questions are based on concepts and their applications, will be simple but dont need critical thinking like IIT because of the time span that is given in BITSAT and number of Questions. Firstly did you take any mock test and what was your score there? Let’s say you get 90% questions correct you are on right path. Next step should be to analyse your weak areas and improve on them. If you gave test on DoPrep the report will tell you concept wise whether it is your strength or weakness, eg.. report will say Magnetism and Electricity are concepts you are lagging at, next step is to revisit the question and analyse why you made a mistake while answering, was it cause you were anxious as its an online test or it was a silly mistake or you were in a rush to finish the test or you don’t know the concept. Do not learn a new concept at this point in time,in last 30 days practice the concepts you have already studied.

Q8. Do the 12 questions have negative marking?

Ans: The answer is yes, -1. It is not mandatory to attempt these 12 questions. If you are sure of the answer only then attempt these questions.And you can only answer these 12 questions after answering all other 150 questions. BITSAT involves a lot of smart decisions. Set a goal for yourself – how many questions should I attempt to get +3 and build a minimum score of 280. If you have only 15 mins in hand do not try to attempt all these 12 questions even if you are not sure about the answers, you will risk your score. For a 330 score target you should target for:

Maths- 135 (80-90)

Phy- 120 (70-80)

Chem-120 (70-80)

English & Logical- 75 (55-60)

Q9. Can we change our branch after admission?

Ans: There are two options of changing your branch:

After BITSAT exam you submit your preferences to BITS admissions. In the 1st week of july you will get your preferred branch which will be shared on email/their portal,following which, you get a call.

Eg.. you got a score of 330 and you filled preferences as




Lets say first 2 options got filled as per preferences filled by students who scored better than you and you get a seat in cs hyderabad. You will get a call letter saying you need to visit hyderabad campus on 1st aug and pay admission fee and get yourself registered.

You will get an option to switch your campus on the same day, you can give preference of going to goa campus and opt for electronics and by end of day you will be conveyed the result whether you got the change or not.

2) In case you were not able to give your best during BITSAT test you have another opportunity to get a campus transfer and your branch changed. During the first semester as per your performance you can apply for a branch change. It gets processed on basis of your CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average).

3) If you are in Msc degree, at end of 1st year if you are a 9-10 pointer you can chose to do dual degree. You will be getting 2 degrees, one for MSc and second for BE CS. If as per your score you got MSc economics during admission but you wish to do CS also, it is possible. You will be your major in Msc Economics and minor in CS. In your 3rd year you will be studying Economics, in your 4th year you will be studying BE CS courses and in your 5th year you will be earning while doing training (Practice School) with very high probability of getting a job in the same company.

Q10. Could I have gone to Goa for ECE?

Ans: After 1st sem CSE hyd, MSc Tech Pilani. Its possible to switch campus and the course.

There are no limitations, you can put 30 courses in preference order, best would be to talk to your BITSIAN and take his advice.

Q11. Lets say if I get BPharmacy can I get Civil course after 1st year?

Ans: B Pharma & IS have certain limitations, Please contact a BITSIAN on campus for this some rules have changed for BPharma recently.

Q12. I have taken an online course on BITSAT? Does Doprep give test series?

Ans: Doprep does give online test series and we provide practice areas for all courses. We have 5 tests which are open, we have 2  more which are paid. You will get a report immediately to analyze your performance. Arihant books will give you good practice but the online element will be missing in them. If your score is already 300+ improve your speed and practice as many questions as possible for all sections in the practice area.

Q13. How are students with same score given preference?

Ans: The students are given preference as per their score in Maths, followed by Phy and then in Chem.

Q14. Suggest a plan as my IITJEE exam didn’t go well. How should I proceed with further preparation.

Ans: Take a test and see your score in all sections, as per your scope there are three 3 options:

below 270: identify areas you need to improve, eg..if organic questions are going wrong, why are they going wrong (either concepts are not clear ,or its time mismanagement, or exam anxiety)

In case of Concepts make list of concepts you are good at and weak, do not try and learn new concepts at this point in time, practice your strength concepts more

Give more online test series to get familiar with online BITSAT test pattern

The more you practice online the faster your problem solving will be

2) 270-320: Practice more online test series; allocate 2 days to revise concept and the 3rd day attempt a test (spend more time revising concept; repeat: do not touch any new topic)

Do not take tests back to back. Spend double the time in analysing the tests report. Start revising concepts where you went wrong in the practice area at Doprep.

above 320: You are well above the minimum score, start practicing for the additional 12 question to push your score higher for getting a preferred branch.

Q15. Is NCERT enough for BITSAT?

Yes, BITSAT guidelines state that they will not go beyond NCERT syllabus for maths,phy and chemistry. “BITS makes managers” is a saying, primarily because the admission itself have a lot of play required with time management,problem solving etc..

Q16 Please suggest a plan for Maths, its dropping my score.

Ans: Maths score should be between 80-90 out of 135 for a good overall score. Give mock test at Doprep, we will show you your Green Zone (topics you are good at), Yellow Zone (weak concepts), Red Zone (do not know these concepts). Practice more questions on concepts listed in green and yellow area, revise the concepts and solve more online questions. After a break of 2 days give another mock test, keep repeating this till your score increases to 80-90 bracket.

Q17 Are questions repeated from Arihant book in BITSAT exam?

Ans: BITSAT has never let its question paper out, all questions you see are memory based questions. Arihant basically interviews students who attempt the test and gets a vague idea on the kind of question; to join the dots and form a test series. Doprep test series are built from inputs we have been collecting over past 7-8 years from students. In addition we have a panel of 6-7 BITS passouts who are building the system to help future batches. DoPrep has never claimed the test series are BITSAT question papers since no one can ever know what are the questions of previous years.

Q18 Tips on the bonus questions?

Ans: Start working on improving your speed after reaching 320 score so you can and make sure you have 20 mins in hand to attempt them. Only when u have 20 mins in the end, chose to attempt those 12 questions. You can answer bonus questions only after attempting all 150 questions and once you choose to answer bonus questions you cant go back and edit the previous sections.

Q19 how do I plan my day and how much time should I spend subject wise?

Ans: All maths, phy and chemistry questions are with calculations. BITSAT tests your concepts, problem solving and time management. Assume 20 topics in phy,maths and chem and the test report shows

maths: 5 in green 10 in yellow

phy: 5 in green 8 in yellow

chem: 15 in green 5 in yellow

First priority spend more time on maths and practice more on concepts in yellow area, followed by phy and chem. Do not ignore english and logical reasoning.

In english you will have questions on grammatical, active passive voice, vocabulary, sentence correction, finding out patterns etc.

We will make your preparation plan, do not read novels, newspapers etc.. be smarter and split time to increase your vocabulary etc..

In addition take a psychometric test, we will analyze your test taking behaviour and tell you how to improve your test taking strategy.

In your last week do not practice full length tests,just revise your yellow concepts and stay positive and calm in this timespan.

Q20 Arihant questions are more difficult than DoPrep questions, which ones are closer to BITSAT test?

Ans: The test series difficulty level increases progressively and yes difficulty level of doprep test series is what BITSAT papers are line. Arihant has a much higher level of difficulty.

Q21. Last day preparation?

Ans: Mock test are designed to get you acquainted with BITSAT test environment, no one should disturb you, eat food before taking the test, there should be no distractions, drink lot of water, go out for a while, do not panic, exercise.

You are not allowed to take water, eatables, calculator inside the examination hall. When you are done with the test examination the conductor will collect everything back from you.

Carry your hall ticket attested by your school principal on your photograph.

Q22 Is doing HC Verma and Tata mcgraw hill a waste of time?

Ans: Study concepts from class 11th and 12th onwards from HC Verma. Its a good book for concepts, do not pick this up in last days. Tata Mcgraw hill is good for test series but for BITSAT prefer online test series Take a test and find the Green, Yellow and Red areas and work on yellow area concepts and bring them to Green Area.

So what are you waiting for? Get ahead with DoPrep BITSAT 2018 test series.

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