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“Which is better? NIT or BITS?”


A lot of students have asked us these questions over the past few years. Which institute:  NIT or BITS is better for our career? From which institute should i graduate to 1) achieve a good pay package 2) pursue higher studies 3) avail facilities and resources in order to pursue my entrepreneurial instincts, etc. We understand the dilemma that the students […]

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BITSAT 2018 – Stress Is Your Friend

positive stress

Everybody around you must be telling you not to take stress before an examination or during preparation. This will not help in better performance in BITSAT or any competitive examination. No! That is not true. It has been proved that stress is not always a bad thing. Stress is simply the body’s response to changes that create taxing demands. There […]

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Art of Problem Solving – Conversation with a Student

Question Asked by a Student:- A 2 by 2 determinant is chosen such that the elements are from the set {-1, 1}. Find the probability of choosing determinants whose value is 0? Solution:- Based on DoPrep’s method of problem solving strongly influenced by the works of the great Hungarian Mathematician George Pólya. The following conversation between the student and DoPrep illustrates […]

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Trigonometry – Analysis of JEE (main) 2015 vs. Analysis of DoPrep


Dear Reader, We are pleased to share with you the actual topic-wise distribution of questions in JEE (main) 2015 vs. the predicted distribution shared by us here Mathematics – What to expect in JEE (main) 2015 – Trigonometry Topic 1st Estimated JEE (main) 2015 2nd Estimated JEE (main) 2015 Actual JEE (main) 2015 Properties and Solution of Triangles 0.50 0 0 […]

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Calculus- 94% Accurate Analysis of JEE (main) 2015 by DoPrep


Dear Reader, We are pleased to share with you that our analysis Mathematics – What to expect in JEE (main) 2015 – Calculus is 94% accurate vis-a-vis the distribution of questions topic-wise in JEE main (2015). The gap is because JEE (main) 2015 has tested the concept of Differentiation in a question which has a primary concept based on Application of Derivatives instead […]

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