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The test series is so close to the actual BITSAT !


Location:- Udaipur, Rajasthan School:- Seedling Modern Public School, Udaipur BITSAT score:- 372 What to do like to do – books, movies, travel etc? I am an avid reader. I like to read everything under the sun! Which subjects do you like most? During my preparation Chemistry was my most beloved subject. I really loved to know what the mechanism was […]

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Increase BITSAT 2018 marks


You must have already guessed that this is yet another discourse on how many hours you should study, how many questions you should practice etc. etc. But you have guessed wrong. We are going to tell you how to increase your JEE marks without even asking you to study any further! Just a little bit of behavior changes should do it. […]

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4 Steps To Success in BITSAT 2018

where the magic happens

We all know that while studying for highly competitive examinations like JEE main, JEE advanced and BITSAT 2018, the students are often asked to cram up thousands of questions along with learning new chapters at break neck speed. It is a commonly held belief among students, parents and teachers that this is the only way one can crack JEE or […]

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It was good to see that someone actually cared!


DoPrep user Komal Gupta from Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, student of The Avadh School, Lucknow scored 324 in BITSAT 2015 and 93.2% in CBSE. Here we talk to her and learn her secret of success. 1) Tell us a little about yourself I want to pursue a career in astronomy. Reading and collecting facts related to the cosmos are my hobbies. For […]

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DoPrep test series helped with time management for BITSAT

Ronald Das, Assam

Results of BITSAT 2015 have been declared. And many students from DoPrep have done fabulously! Here we talk to Ronald Das from Bongaigaon(Assam) who scored 297 in BITSAT 2015 and 117 in JEE Mains 2015. 1) Tell us a little about yourself I am 17, I like playing badminton & basketball, and learning to program. 2) How did you prepare for […]

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BITSAT 2018 – Stress Is Your Friend

positive stress

Everybody around you must be telling you not to take stress before an examination or during preparation. This will not help in better performance in BITSAT or any competitive examination. No! That is not true. It has been proved that stress is not always a bad thing. Stress is simply the body’s response to changes that create taxing demands. There […]

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Art of Problem Solving – Conversation with a Student

Question Asked by a Student:- A 2 by 2 determinant is chosen such that the elements are from the set {-1, 1}. Find the probability of choosing determinants whose value is 0? Solution:- Based on DoPrep’s method of problem solving strongly influenced by the works of the great Hungarian Mathematician George Pólya. The following conversation between the student and DoPrep illustrates […]

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“How to Solve …” – The Art of Problem Solving

How to solve

It has been noted over the years that most of the students who fail to clear a competitive entrance test like JEE, BITSAT etc. fail to understand the underlying thought process of “How to Solve” a particular question in the first place. The most common practice followed by the students while solving a question is Start answering the question immediately Try to […]

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How to Crack BITSAT 2018 – Tips and Tricks

How to crack BITSAT 2015. It is time to buckle up and put your thinking caps on, folks!

There are many students asking how to prepare for BITSAT 2018. Team DoPrep has come with a set of suggestions guaranteed to increase your score by at least 50 points if you follow them, helping you crack BITSAT 2018! BITSAT 2017 Exam Style The BITSAT 2017 cut-off (for MSc Chem at Goa) is expected to be around 295-300. Anything above […]

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