BITSAT 2018 – How to Improve your Vocabulary and Grammar

BITSAT 2015 Vocabulary and Grammar

In our previous blog we explained why English section is just as important as the other sections in BITSAT 2018. Our analysis on how to gain confidence and score higher in the questions based on vocabulary and grammar says that:

  • The surest way to develop verbal skills and grammar is through reading. Start reading newspapers such as The Times of India or Hindustan Times. Devote at least half an hour for this activity daily.
  • Use a good dictionary whenever you encounter a new word and try framing sentences with it.
  • This will automatically expand your vocabulary. Put it to test through books like ‘Six Weeks to Words of Power’ and ‘Word Power Made Easy’ or English practice questions readily available on DoPrep website.
  • For the Vocabulary usage section, the trick is to understand the meaning of words and phrasal verbs.
  • For the ‘Correction of error’ section, be very careful about simple errors and practice tense, parts of speech and correct use of punctuation marks.
  • Practice antonyms, synonyms and homonyms (Similar sounding words and words with similar meaning)
  • For the arrange-in-correct-order section, try to grasp the meaning of the sentences or words and try to identify the connecting link or word before rearranging the entire sentence or sequence.
  • Study a good quality grammar book, for example Wren and Martin, to brush up your grammatical skills.
  • Also solving questions via elimination of the incorrect options may be helpful in all of the above cases.

BITSAT English is more about speed than its toughness level. So click here to start practicing 25 questions every day. Always check where you went wrong and why.

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