The test series is so close to the actual BITSAT !


Location:- Udaipur, Rajasthan

School:- Seedling Modern Public School, Udaipur

BITSAT score:- 372

What to do like to do – books, movies, travel etc?

I am an avid reader. I like to read everything under the sun!

Which subjects do you like most?

During my preparation Chemistry was my most beloved subject. I really loved to know what the mechanism was for every reaction.

Was there any special preparation needed for BITSAT versus JEE (main) :-

BITSAT does not really require a special preparation. It is a big bonus if you are preparing for JEE Advanced but it is not necessary. You should just know the BITSAT syllabus and cover each and every topic. Periodic testing will give a big boost. NCERT will be your best friend here!

Did DoPrep test series help you for BITSAT preparation? If so, how? Did it help you in formulating a test strategy what to do first etc?

The analysis offered at the end of each test helped me identify my strong and weak areas and prepare them accordingly.

Did it help you manage your time better?

Since the test series is so close to the actual exam it taught me all that I needed to know about time management in BITSAT.

Did our blog content do anything to help you with preparation

The blog contents motivated me to try harder for BITS and it gave me a glimpse into the college life, which I loved.

How do the DoPrep tests compare to the actual BITSAT exam?

Look and feel of the platform, DoPrep I believe is the closest one can come to the actual BITSAT. It’s interface, timer, the complete look and feel is exactly identical to the actual exam so it made me familiar with BITSAT. Also the greatest advantage of Doprep is that it also offers bonus questions, which are offered by no other test series, which is commendable.

Your thoughts on question content?

Doprep has a good question bank. Questions from all subjects were exactly according to BITSAT pattern.

… and difficulty level?

This is where Doprep shines. It beautifully mimics the difficulty level of the BITSAT. Even subject wise, Doprep was spot on with the difficulty level. While doing the actual BITSAT I was surprised how accurate Doprep’s difficulty level was. I scored a little higher in Doprep’s tests than BITSAT but that was because I got some weird chemistry questions in my BITSAT. But simply put, this is the best test series available for BITSAT.

How was your experience interacting with the DoPrep team in general?

The team was always very helpful and supportive. Couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Would you recommend DoPrep products to others?

Most definitely. Any junior who comes for help regarding BITSAT would be directed towards DoPrep.

What would you suggest to people who are preparing for BITSAT 2017?

Don’t take BITSAT lightly. It is highly competitive, but quite easy. A little bit of luck is needed, especially in chemistry. A focused preparation for one month will do you wonders. For testing, you need not look further than DoPrep!

How did you hear about DoPrep?

I was looking for a good BITSAT test series and I stumbled upon DoPrep on the internet.

Preparing on your own and preparing using doprep?

Read about concepts on your own and to really master those concepts use DoPrep’s comprehensive tests. (DoPrep – Now the students need not look beyond DoPrep, as we have come out with a book for BITSAT with detailed theory and 5000+ questions along with solutions! – Wiley’s BITSAT Study Guide). 

To know your performance and preparedness level, take a test now.

Akshat Mittal

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