DoPrep test series helped with time management for BITSAT

Ronald Das, Assam

Results of BITSAT 2015 have been declared. And many students from DoPrep have done fabulously! Here we talk to Ronald Das from Bongaigaon(Assam) who scored 297 in BITSAT 2015 and 117 in JEE Mains 2015.

1) Tell us a little about yourself

I am 17, I like playing badminton & basketball, and learning to program.

2) How did you prepare for BITSAT? How much time did you dedicate for it? Were you also preparing for Boards/JEE simultaneously?

Nothing specific, just gave a few practice tests.

3) Was there any special preparation needed for BITSAT versus JEE (Main)?

Only for the vocab part.

4) Did DoPrep test series help you for BITSAT preparation? If so, how?

Yeah, it helped with time management and also figuring out which chapters were in green, yellow zone.

5) How do the DoPrep tests compare to the actual BITSAT exam?

The look and feel is same, the question content and difficulty was somewhat higher in DoPrep test compared to BITSAT. I scored in the range of 200-220 in DoPrep, but in actual BITSAT 2015 it is 297.

6) How was your experience interacting with the DoPrep team in general?

Well I didn’t interact with the team before exam, but yeah only attended a webinar. It was good, had all my doubts cleared.

7) Would you recommend DoPrep products to others?

Yeah, in fact I recommended to two of my friends.

8) What would you suggest to people who are preparing for BITSAT 2016?

Focus on JEE-Main prep, it will take care of the PCM section. Practice vocab daily, and yeah improve your speed

9) How did you hear about DoPrep’s test series?


10) Any suggestion to make DoPrep’s product and services better?

Yes, there should be a relative comparison between the participants, like giving a rank in the test series.

So what are you waiting for? Get ahead with DoPrep JEE (main) and BITSAT 2016 test series.

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