DoPrep – How we track a student’s progress

Assessment and personalized feedback is incomplete without the knowledge of a student’s improvement. By testing the students, we at DoPrep would like to know

  • How is the student doing?
  • What has the student learned?
  • What kind of questions would enable the student to improve his/her conceptual knowledge?
  • Can the students apply the recently learned concepts?
  • How can they maintain their focus on their strengths?

As an answer to these specific questions, we at DoPrep have created a controlled online and personalized environment within which each student can

  • Receive the best material available on every topic (from books, websites and videos)
  • Learn every topic step-by-step in byte-sized lessons, for better understanding and retention
  • Learn from solving a variety of questions, solved and unsolved, in different formats
  • Learn interactively, get personalized feedback and doubt solving to address their concerns
  • Get access to thousands of practice questions to help them master every topic
  • Unlock, progress and achieve higher levels of performance in any given topic
  • Track their dynamic, topic wise, improvement index moving from red to yellow to green zone
  • Strengthen their identified weak concepts by step wise improvement
  • Maintain their performance in strong areas by practicing challenging questions
  • Slowly ramp up their performance to be able to crack JEE problems
  • Get an estimated JEE score on a dynamic basis, reflecting their preparation level

Furthermore, the student has the opportunity to evaluate the progress by taking another assessment which again throws up the need for improvement areas which may have been missed earlier by the student or the system. By doing this we slowly but surely strengthen all the concepts before BITSAT 2018 test, as nothing escapes our attention.

As the student makes progress, the difficulty level of questions goes on increasing, encouraging him or her to try more challenging questions. This builds their confidence level and prepares them for success.

So what are you waiting for? Get ahead with DoPrep BITSAT 2018 test series.

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