How to Crack BITSAT 2018 – Tips and Tricks

How to crack BITSAT 2015. It is time to buckle up and put your thinking caps on, folks!

There are many students asking how to prepare for BITSAT 2018. Team DoPrep has come with a set of suggestions guaranteed to increase your score by at least 50 points if you follow them, helping you crack BITSAT 2018!

BITSAT 2017 Exam Style

The BITSAT 2017 cut-off (for MSc Chem at Goa) is expected to be around 295-300. Anything above 300 is guaranteed to get you a seat in one of the BITS campuses. The key question is – how to score at least 300 in BITSAT, or equivalently get 100 questions correct with no incorrect answers. It is unlikely that you will get all 100 questions right, so you need to attempt at least 110 questions which you are fairly confident of getting right. This includes time spent in questions which you are not able to solve.

With 150 questions and 180 minutes to solve them, you get approximately 1 minute per question, especially if you want to revisit some tougher questions later, or attempt the 12 bonus questions for an extra edge. Additionally, most of the questions are direct questions, i.e., require a single concept to solve them. About 50% of them can be solved in a single step as well.  This means, that around 75 questions out of 150 can be solved very fast. If you get them correct in one go, you have already scored 75*3=225 points, and have ample time left for the rest of the paper to get the rest of the 75 marks needed to clear the cut-off.

Its All About Speed

As is clear already, cracking the BITSAT 2018 is all about good speed. For direct questions, no time is wasted in understanding what concepts are needed to solve them. You only need to remember the equation needed to solve it. So all the formulas and equations should be on your finger tips!

Practice + Memory = Speed

Now the question is, how to improve formula recall? If you have looked at the equation recently, it will be very easy to remember it. So DoPrep recommends making formula sheets for the entire syllabus and looking at them daily, especially in the last week before your BITSAT 2018.

Even better way to remember equations is if you have solved a lot of questions on that concept recently. Additionally, when a question in the exam looks familiar to one you have already solved, it increases your confidence immensely. Imagine if this happens with even 20% of the questions in the exam. You will simply sail through the test without any difficulty. Therefore, problem solving is the best way to improve your speed, your confidence and ultimately your rank!

Give Timed Mock Tests

It is good to practice questions. But unless you track the time you are taking to solve them, you will not know whether and how much you need to improve. Especially in the last few weeks, it is not enough that you are able to solve most of the questions from each subject. Speed is critical. So buy some mock tests, and attempt them with full sincerity as if you are giving the BITSAT 2018 exam itself. Recreate the exam environment. Keep a glass of water, a pen and a notebook next to you. As your family members not to disturb you for the next 3 hours. Log off from all social media websites and switch off your cell phone. Do not think “Ohh this is just a ‘mock’ test”.  Preferably, go for a mock test which gives you a complete report on time management, not just your score.

Smart Preparation is the Key to Success

There are some people who will advise you to take a mock test daily. We at DoPrep strongly advise you AGAINST giving 1 mock test daily. There should be a gap of at least 4-5 days between giving mock tests, which should be used to analyse the results of the mock test you gave and act accordingly. Just by giving mock tests nothing is going to happen, you will get depressed when your score doesn’t increase. You have to spend some time in between revising the concepts and practicing questions from the topics you made mistakes in the previous mock test. Smart preparation is the key to success in BITSAT.

DoPrep’s mock tests can track the time you spend on each and every question, and based on that analyze your weak and strong areas. Our questions are tagged according to subject, chapter and concept. So we can tell you exactly what concept you are strong at, which ones you can easily improve, and which ones you should skip. We also give a personalized report on time management and improving speed. You also get access to our hundreds of free practice test questions from each subject. So start taking one mock test every week.

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