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You must have already guessed that this is yet another discourse on how many hours you should study, how many questions you should practice etc. etc.

But you have guessed wrong. We are going to tell you how to increase your JEE marks without even asking you to study any further!

Just a little bit of behavior changes should do it.

Let us see how.

Test Anxiety

Knowledge without understanding a short cut learning method often affects critical thinking. Moreover, such an arbitrary and unreliable approach to problem solving is possibly responsible for much of the “stress” that so often plagues students during test.

So stop rote learning now!

Study Habit

Each one of us needs to put in effort to succeed in life and the same is true for qualifying an examination. Some of us study regularly, some  learn  by mugging, some believe that they can learn by understanding and some study only before the examination, etc. Thus, each one of us forms certain habits to learn, understand, practice and perform in the examination or entrance test. This is collectively known as the “study habit”. When studying for an examination and practicing problem solving, the most effective approach is to closely simulate the behaviour which will ultimately help you perform the best in examination.

Know yourself first!

Know how you learn best!

Problem Solving Strategies

Problem-solving is a thinking process in which the learner discovers a combination of previously learned rules that he can apply to solve a problem. While taking the test, our approach should be first to understand the question, recollect the method/steps to solve it, and then arrive at the answer quickly. All these are important steps to arrive at the correct answer.

Learn the methodology of solving problems, not the solution.!

Test Taking Strategies

Each one of us wishes to do well in the test. But to achieve that you need to recognize when/why you should use a specific method to solve a problem quickly.

For an effective test taking strategy, you must know directions, format, and criteria for qualifying test, types of questions asked; time limits, techniques to resolve tricky questions, best methods to solve difficult questions, your own personalized sequence of answering the test etc. before you take the final test.

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Time Analysis

The best part of any entrance test is when you can have unlimited time. In that case, you would probably attempt all the questions and your accuracy might reach 100%. But these tests are meant to test your sharpness in problem solving with speed and accuracy. Thus, it is imperative to understand how to approach your examination and how to plan the 3 hours without feeling the pressure of time management.

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Last of all, remember

“The right attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”

So what are you waiting for? Get ahead with BITSAT 2018 test series.

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