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DoPrep user Komal Gupta from Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, student of The Avadh School, Lucknow scored 324 in BITSAT 2015 and 93.2% in CBSE. Here we talk to her and learn her secret of success.

1) Tell us a little about yourself

I want to pursue a career in astronomy. Reading and collecting facts related to the cosmos are my hobbies. For last 2 years I was in Lucknow, preparing for JEE (mains and advance).

2) How did you prepare for BITSAT? How much time did you dedicate for it? Were you also preparing for Boards/JEE simultaneously?

Basically by solving books meant for BITSAT preparation. Mock tests also helped a lot in managing time and testing my own preparation.

3) Was there any special preparation needed for BITSAT versus JEE (main)

Not much. I just solved the book I mentioned before on a daily basis for a month while preparing for JEE advance at the same time. My main focus was (and always had been) JEE.

4) Did DoPrep test series help you for BITSAT preparation? If so, how?

Yeah, of course the mock tests helped. In the last week before BITSAT, I took a test daily and kept a check on my progress. There wasn’t much. I never got a score above 300 (and got very demotivated). However, in the actual exam I was able to score better.

5) How do the DoPrep tests compare to the actual BITSAT exam?

Difficulty level of the questions was almost the same (somewhat higher as I never scored good). The platform was also quite similar to the actual exam.

6) How was your experience interacting with the DoPrep team in general?

I’ll say it was good because I remember once I received a call from someone from the team offering help regarding counseling. It was good to see that someone actually cared even after you’ve paid him or her money and are through with the exam.

7) Would you recommend DoPrep products to others?

Yes, I would. I actually recommended it to one of my friends too, the very next day after I bought the test series.

8) What would you suggest to people who are preparing for BITSAT 2016?

I’ll just ask everyone to solve lots of problems and increase their speed and accuracy, because these two are most important for scoring well in an exam like BITSAT where time is the biggest issue. Secondly, one should always solve mock tests to keep their progress in check. Lastly, one should always stay motivated and believe in oneself.

9) How did you hear about DoPrep?

From Friends.

10) Any suggestion to make DoPrep’s product and services better?

While taking the tests there were times when responses to some of the problems, which I had answered, were not recorded. Eventually I ended up getting a low score. I think there had been some technical issue causing the problem, and that it needs to be sorted out. Rest everything had been quite smooth.

So what are you waiting for? Get ahead with DoPrep JEE (main) and BITSAT 2016 test series.

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