Mathematics – What to expect in JEE (main) 2015 – Algebra


Extending our in-depth analysis, the above pie chart lists down the most probable number of questions for each of the Algebra topics. As per DoPrep’s in depth analysis, JEE (main) 2015 is most likely to have

  • 2 questions each from
    • Quadratic Equations and Expressions
    • Matrices, Determinants and System of Equations
    • Progressions, Sequence and Series
    • Binomial Theorem
  • 1 question each from
    • Mathematical Reasoning
    • Vectors
    • Probability
    • Permutation and Combination
    • Statistics
    • Complex Numbers

The questions from each of the above topics can involve the usage of concepts or mathematical tools from other topics. Let us call these concepts or mathematical tools as secondary concepts which provide use the necessary help of solving the primary concept being asked in the questions. Using this explanation, it is suggested that the student practices single as well as multi concept based questions from these topics in order to be completely ready for the Algebra section of JEE (main) 2015.

In addition the student must also practice each topic question from previous year AIEEE and JEE (main) papers in order to get as much familiarity with JEE (main) so that he/she knows what to expect in the question paper of 2015.

You can practice previous 8 year question papers on our website. You can also avail the feature of separately choosing the algebra topics and creating your own topic-wise question paper across different years for getting to “know” JEE (main) to the conceptual level.

In order to know further as to what we think can be asked on the conceptual level from each of these topics, logon to to practice JEE (main) specific questions.

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