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Avinash recommends DoPrep BITSAT Mock Tests

Results of BITSAT 2015 have been declared. And many students from DoPrep have done fabulously! Here we talk to Avinash Padhi from Bhubhneshwar, who scored 298 in BITSAT 2015 and 202 in JEE Mains 2015.

1) Tell us a little about yourself

I like playing tennis, cricket, swimming, and reading books. I dropped one year for JEE preparation in which I could not do much of these.

2) How did you prepare for BITSAT? How much time did you dedicate for it? Were you also preparing for Boards/JEE simultaneously?

It doesn’t help to prepare to separately for BITSAT. So I prepared for Advanced. Towards the end I registered for DoPrep BITSAT test series to improve my speed. I also registered for some other test series.

3) Was there any special preparation needed for BITSAT versus JEE (Main)?

There are some specific topics in Chemistry – petroleum, dyes etc. Arihant book has good material on these questions. 1-2 pages reading is enough to prepare.  

4) Did DoPrep test series help you for BITSAT preparation? If so, how?

It helped because the questions faced on the final day very similar, in terms of content and difficulty level. There was only 10-15 marks variation with the BITSAT score and my DoPrep test scores. Bonus question feature in DoPrep tests helped to practice for the BITSAT exam and gave an exact simulation – it was good preparation for the final day.

5) How do the DoPrep tests compare to the actual BITSAT exam?

The platform is exactly similar, including the bonus question feature. Question content and difficulty level was also very similar. I scored 10-15 marks more in BITSAT exam than in DoPrep tests.

6) How was your experience interacting with the DoPrep team in general?

 It was good. Their suggestions were all logical and helpful. They told me to focus on accuracy rather than speed but on the exam day things don’t go perfectly, so I could not follow that completely. But it was good.

7) Would you recommend DoPrep products to others?

For BITSAT it was very helpful. I would recommend DoPrep’s BITSAT test series to anyone who is looking for BITSAT mock tests. This is the best one available. 

8) What would you suggest to people who are preparing this year?

Focus on JEE Mains but also prepare for other exams like BITSAT. One can never be sure, as the pattern of exams keeps changing every year. Preparing for 2-3 exams from the beginning takes the stress away. The only difference between exams is format, but subjects are the same. So JEE preparation helps with other exams too.

9) Lastly, how did you hear about DoPrep’s test series?

I came to know from the internet – I was registered in a BITSAT students group on Facebook. I just started using it 10 days before my BITSAT. I practiced one test every alternate day and it was really helpful.

So what are you waiting for? Get ahead with DoPrep JEE (main) and BITSAT 2016 test series.

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