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Algebra – 96% Accurate Analysis of JEE main


Dear Reader, We are pleased to share with you that our analysis Mathematics – What to expect in JEE (main) 2015 – Algebra is 96% accurate vis-a-vis the distribution of questions topic-wise in JEE main (2015). Overall, if we do an analysis, the total number of questions asked in JEE (main) 2015 from the topics in Algebra is 12 which is only 1 short […]

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Finally! Light has been captured as Both Particle and Wave


  Source :- NBC NEWS Physicists have theorized for over a century that light acts as both a particle and a wave, depending on the conditions, but they’ve never been able to capture it being both at once — until a team in Switzerland did just that in a recent experiment. Scientists at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne managed […]

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Why more studying doesn’t mean a better rank in BITSAT

Study vs Learn

It is a very interesting question, especially to someone who is almost studying 24/7. Most of the students now a days are being molded to only study and not to learn. Whether it is schools, private tuition or coaching, everywhere students are being told to just increase their hours of studying instead of understanding why they are not being able […]

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DoPrep – How we track a student’s progress

Assessment and personalized feedback is incomplete without the knowledge of a student’s improvement. By testing the students, we at DoPrep would like to know How is the student doing? What has the student learned? What kind of questions would enable the student to improve his/her conceptual knowledge? Can the students apply the recently learned concepts? How can they maintain their […]

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DoPrep – Helps educators set standards


Every student’s learning is incomplete without the help of the educators. The educators play an important part in student attaining his/her goal of cracking JEE. DoPrep duly acknowledges this and has created an ecosystem whereby the educators can themselves grow and play a crucial part in improving their students’ performance with the help of smart technology. For this, we identified […]

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7 ways in which tests boost your JEE preparation!


We at DoPrep firmly believe that assessment is an integral part of success in competitive entrance tests like JEE (Mains) and JEE (Advanced), as it determines whether or not the goals of concept learning, retention and application are being met. Assessment forces you to ask these hard questions to yourself: “Are you really learning what you are supposed to be […]

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